Accident Coverage, for members and their families helps pay accident medical expenses for hospital emergency room and confinement, doctor and surgeon, lab test and x-rays, and ambulance, in addition there's accidental death and dismemberment up to $10k, identity restoration, automatic acceptance to age 64, and MD hotline.  You can choose any doctor or hospital, benefits will be paid directly to you or your provider.  With the VBA 24 Hour Accident Coverage there's several plan options to choose, from $2000 to $25,000 benefit maximums.  For more information about Value Benefits Of America Membership including 24 Hour Accident Coverage click here.

Disability insurance, on the other hand, can help with out of pocket expenses if you ever have an accident or get sick and can't work.  Unlike accident medical you don't have to be hospitalized for benefits to payout, you must however be certified by a physician that you can't work, and depending on the carrier they will stipulate the conditions, like for how long your disability is expected to last, age limits, and whether you can't work at any occupation or own occupation to qualify.

With disability insurance you determine for how long you want the payments to last, the amount of your monthly payments usually up to 70% of your current monthly income, and any waiting periods before payment starts.  All these things will determine premiums including your class of work that you perform. Contact us for more Information.

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